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Harvest, On Death' s Wings, Eternal Black Metal (Split with Sombre Figures), Thanatotic Supremacy


Finally available on vinyl is BLOOD RED FOG's 2nd album "Harvest".
This emotional Black Metal gem from Finland inherits its conjuring, doom-filled
atmosphere from a hypnotic dark torrent. One that derives from the grey clouds
at the fringes of human consciousness and is channelled to intensively confront
the listener with that dreadful, menacing state of inner restless silence.
"Harvest" is a meditative examination of downfall and demise that easily evolves
into something highly personal for everyone involved & daring to be drawn
into the horrid embrace of death's choking grip.
These four 10+ minute songs of eerie soundscapes are eternalized on 180g vinyl limited to 500 copies, first 100 on brown-black splatter vinyl.

On Death´s Wings

On their third album BLOOD RED FOG again master to blend harsh Finnish Black Metal excellence
with stirringly sorrowful & despaired melodies.
The result is "On Death's Wings", a record revelling in trancelike void, with dismal wails of hopelessness
welcoming a death that feels so close and inescapable, yet so desirable and precious.
Deviant Records presents this album as 180g LP including lyric sheet. 100 copies pressed on grey/black splatter & 400 copies on black vinyl.

Eternal Black Metal

Black Metal does not need and does not want to evolve. There is no necessity nor will for trends or progression. "Eternal Black Metal" beautifully captures the timeless approach and extramundane qualities of the darkness that we addictedly dwell in and that we greedily allow to envenom our spirits like black blood. While BLOOD RED FOG's compelling sound doesn't cease to amaze in channelling us into a grey, cold, meditative transitional state of depression and trancelike intensity, SOMBRE FIGURES follow-up to their s/t 2018 demo tape with pure untainted Black Metal in its most gruesome, harsh and grim essence.
Eternally carved into black wax, lim. to 300 copies.

Thanatotic Supremacy

Death prevails - Resistance is futile. On the surface, BLOOD RED FOG's 4th album "Thanatotic Supremacy" manifests the Finns' most raging, aggressive and cathartic approach to the reign of the inescapable to date. Exclamating leads and enthralling melodies breath in a dark realm full of voids, twists and dynamic curiosity. Still, the band manages to impart the same captivating passion and dismal thoughtfulness that has always given their sound the presence of a desperate, possessed, utterly diabolical sanctity.

Limited to 300 copies on black 180 gr vinyl
Comes with Poster and Insert


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