# Clandestine Blaze - Archive Vol. 1 - LP
17,00 €

Tracks A1 to A6 are "Demo #1", recorded and mixed during 1998 in various sessions. Material was re-recorded little by little and there were the final versions to be released as 1st demo.

Tracks B1 & B2 are "On The Mission" 7" / tape, recorded and mixed in 1999, after the debut LP. Vinyl 7" was with additional few seconds intro. Sound was highly distorted in vinyl mastering. This mix is from tape version with original sound.

Track B3 is taken from "Northern Heritage Box" 5x7", recorded at the same session as "On The Mission". Original master tape is permanently lost, taken from the vinyl.

Track B4 is taken from "Blackmetal Blitzkrieg" LP, recorded in autumn of 1999 for End All Life Prod.

# Seid - Ulv LP
15,00 €

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